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See A Different World – Workshop

“See A Different World” is a workshop tackling non-violent communication as a way to peacefully resolve conflict without compromise. The workshop further explores our habitual patterns of seeing the world and thereupon helps us construct a new way of perception to understand the true roots of suffering and take full responsibility of our own emotions. Finally, the workshop uncovers how non-violent communication can be used as a tool to better understand and empathize with others as well as ourselves.

This workshop will be held by Invisibli:
Invisibli is a global community that encourages personal growth through workshops and other events in different places throughout the world that teach individuals to see beyond the surface and become more aware of their internal state through the introduction of a process of constant self-inquiry and continual understanding. (https://www.facebook.com/invisibli).

Speaker Bio:
Elliy Peng, Founder of Invisibli. Taiwanese-American in origin, currently developing an innovative model for natural language acquisition and empathy. Elliy is also the founder and designer of the conceptually inspired clothing label Loop Theory, through which she hopes to encourage girls to have confidence in pursuing their passion, particularly in the natural sciences. Elliy is a former student of theoretical physics and cosmology at Université Paris-Sud and graduate with honors in Physics and Psychology at Yale University.


The workshop is limited to 35 participants and registration is on a first come – first serve basis. Please register on the following link: https://goo.gl/forms/aSZBBVE6IIFQqcZ42


We are looking forward to your presence,
See you there 🙂

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