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Youth of Macedonia #4

“They call me Nino but my mom calls me a “Gift from God”. I am 25 years old and I was born with Down Syndrome. I finished elementary and high school attending regular classes. After volunteering for three years, I now work at the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy. I love sports and I regularly practice boxing. Do I have problems? Of course I do, who doesn’t. Maybe a bit more than others, which is normal. Do I feel accepted? Not by everyone, but that’s also the case for everyone else. Life is a struggle, for me a bit harsher. But that’s it!”

About Youth Council of the U.S Embassy in North Macedonia

The Youth Council brings together youth from different disciplines, interests, ethnicities and religious backgrounds. Established by the U.S. Embassy in Skopje, it seeks to generate creative ideas and projects to empower the youth of Macedonia, and to strengthen the voice of youth by advising the Embassy on important youth issues.

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