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Tringa Bekteshi

Tringa Bekteshi is a student at the Faculty of Dental Medicine in Skopje. She frequently volunteers with projects that address student issues, multiethnic integration, and integration in the European community. She is eager to meet new challenges and to find ways to improve society

Daniel Gjokjeski

Daniel Gjokjeski is a Political Analyst at the Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia and Co-Director for Projects at the Youth Council of the US Embassy in Macedonia. His formal education includes BA Degree in Political Science and MA Degree in Political Management from the Faculty of Law Iustinianus Primus in Skopje, and MSc Degree in Public Policy from the University College London. He is an active member of several associations such as the Ivanov School of Leaders Alumni Association, European Fund for the Balkan Community, Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, Fondacione CRT Community, and UN Intercultural Leaders.

Nikola Danev

Nikola Danev is an IB senior at NOVA International Schools where he is also a fellow of the Academic and Leadership Scholarship Program. He intends to study medicine and fosters a strong passion for the life sciences, as well as public speaking. He is an active member of the Model European Parliament and a volunteer at the University Clinics in Skopje.

Emilija Dzurovska

Emilija Dzurovska is a general manager at Ringeraja.mk, mostly dealing with online advertising. She has volunteered in different organizations such as the Ivanov School of Leaders Alumni Association and she is the project manager of humanitarian actions of Pregratka na Dar. She has a creative drive and a passion for design and photography which she applies in various volunteer activities.

Dimitar Dimitrovski

Dimitar Dimitrovski is the Program Director at the Preparing Global Leaders Institute and is actively involved in the civil society sector home and abroad. He is passionate about advocating for youth empowerment and transformational leadership for positive change. He has coordinated and worked on numerous international projects in Europe, Africa and Asia-Pacific. Areas of interest include: leadership, socio-economic development, social entrepreneurship, communications, career skills development, conflict resolution and prejudice reduction, as well as youth policy and education. He holds a BA in Foreign Languages and Business from FON University with honors.

Krenar Qoku

Krenar Qoku graduated with honors from the Faculty of Law at the State University of Tetovo. He currently works for the American Corner in Skopje as a Resource Center Specialist. He volunteers for the Red Cross, is a passionate human rights advocate, and has attended numerous international conferences, seminars, and trainings on the topic. In his free time he enjoys hiking, cooking and cycling.

Ruzica Stojanovska

Ruzica Stojanovska is a project coordinator at the Ohrid Institute for Economic Strategies and International Affairs. She is one of the founders and directors of the Pioneering Youth Political Dialogue Program and a devoted supporter of youth initiatives. She is holds a Master’s degree in European Studies from the Economics faculty.

Ivana Gruevska

Ivana Gruevska is a senior at the medical high school in Bitola, OSMU “D-r Jovan Kalauzi.” She is a City Representative of the YES Alumni in the Bitola region and she intends to pursue a degree in the area of life sciences. She is very active in the NGO sector, but also has a great deal of experience in theater production. At this moment, her main focus is working with youth on general life skills and critical thinking.

Arti Qormemeti

Arti Qormemeti is a graduated student in the Mechanical Engineering Faculty in Skopje. He is a longtime Red Cross volunteer and an instructor in the program Promotion of Human Values, where he motivates and trains young people from all over Macedonia to work and implement small humanitarian projects. Arti is a member of the Youth Council since June 2015. He is a Fulbright Finalist for Postgraduate Studies in the US for the academic year 2016/2017.

Marija Matovska

Marija Matovska is program coordinator at Mladiinfo International, working on a field of social entrepreneurship. She has being working in the Macedonia civic sector for many years, fighting for social justice and human rights, with the accent of the rights of people with disability. Marija is also passionate about sexual and reproductive health and rights, marketing and social marketing. Marija is finishing her master thesis for usage of the social media in the non-governmental sector in Macedonia. She is dedicated to healthy life–style, yoga and hiking

Nikolco Gosev

Nikolco Gosev is a young technology enthusiast and thinker with strong business strategy development sense. Student of Network Technologies at the Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering and Operational Management at Business Academy Smilevski. He is the president of SmartUp, non-profit organization with a strong focus on education and development of young individuals in the fields of IT and entrepreneurship. His entrepreneurial side is always watching for some kind of problems begging to be solved. He likes building products, helping startups and teaching people to write code.

Blerton Zejneli

Blerton Zejneli is studying Management and Information Systems at South East European University in Skopje. He is an excellent student and a motivated young man. He frequently volunteers and coordinates activities for various youth organizations in Tetovo and other cities in Macedonia. He is passionate about youth empowerment, civic responsibility, and social development, and works hard to see things improve in society.

Angela Velkova

Angela Velkova is co-founder and Executive Director of Preparing Global Leaders Institute and trainee at European Commission’s DG for Regional and Urban Policy. Angela has master’s degrees in Local Economic Development (LSE) and Eastern European Studies (University of Bologna), and two bachelor degrees from FON University Skopje. With PGLI, Angela’s team has trained over 200 rising leaders from almost 100 countries in the world. She is a passionate communicator and a consummate bridge builder.

Jetmir Ziba

Jetmir Ziba has a law degree and a passion for youth, juvenile justice, and human rights advocacy. He has interned at the U.S. Embassy in Macedonia and has strong expertise in transformational leadership.

Angela Sokolovska

Angela Sokolovska is passionate about technology and entrepreneurship. She holds a bachelors in Molecular Biology and has interned at the Macedonian Academy of Arts and Sciences. By being a part of the startup scene, she’s motivated to make a change while encouraging the youth to apply their knowledge in developing their own business. Her work has been featured on Shopify’s Enterprise blog for high volume merchants like Tesla Motors, Black Milk Clothing and more.

Veton Iljazi

Veton Iljazi is an excellent student of Computer Engineering at South East European University. He is highly interested in youth empowerment and activism, in his free time he enjoys volunteering and participating in sports activities. He currently serves as Secretary General of the Students’ Parliament of SEEU.