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A.S. – Kjikjish from Tetovo with “Find the green”

On the occasion of Earth Day the elementary school “A.S.-Kjikjish” from Tetovo organized a series of activities with students from first to eighth grade. The goal of all activities was for children from early age to increase their awareness of environmental maintenance  which is important for all of us, regardless of age and faith, and to develop habits for waste care, i.e. as selection or recycling. On this occasion the younger students implemented an action to clean the park and playground that are part of the school, as they are daily visited by residents living in the local community which are primarily young people who do sports and socialize. The action of cleaning took place in several stages. At first, students were given gloves and plastic bags for waste collection.Then students started collecting waste from the park and playground. Once the students collected the waste from the park and playground, they poured it out and began to select waste in order to see what kind of waste most students produce. Once students have selected the waste, they made statistical data on the collected waste. At the end of the action the waste was collected, and the students wrote an eco-report.

We are proud with the kids from Tetovo doing this kind of action! Big thank you for them!

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