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American corner Struga joins “Find the green”

 American Corner Struga joined the initiative of the Youth Council of the U.S. Embassy in Macedonia “Find the Green” to organize a cleaning action of a park or a playground, where children can play in a safe environment. On Saturday, April 20th, two days before the International Earth Day, about thirty members of the Kids’ Club gathered at the Corner to become part of an action through which they can help themselves and contribute to the community as a whole. They met at the Corner where they briefly discussed the upcoming observance, the many ways of polluting the Earth and the acts they can perform to make this planet a better place to live. In this way, cleaning a park became the next logical step, and the “cleaning troop” started off by cleaning the space in front of the Corner and the school which hosts it, and then moved on to a nearby park, equipped with gloves and garbage bags and a strong will to do something good. Their act was rewarded and made even more meaningful to them by turning the park into a playground, where these children spent time playing together. Hopscotch, jump-rope and hula-hoop united this group of Macedonian, Albanian and Roma children, in a selfless game and an environmental consciousness.


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