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American corner Tetovo joins “Find the green”

American Corner Tetovo

Series of activities by children and young people have marked the observance of Earth Day 2013 at the American Corner in Tetovo this Saturday. The first group draw a big circle in the shape of the earth putting in it the continents and the oceans. The other group expressed their ideas and their children fantasies about the world they would love to live in, and then they put these drawings in a joint exhibition for their parents and Tetovo citizens with the title “Children educate Parents”. The third group wrote Earth Day resolution messages. On the other hand, the student volunteer group erased the bad graffiti from the wall and the writings of irresponsible people, in the wall of the park aside the premises of the American Corner. The visit of the Mayor of the Municipality, Teuta Arif, during these activities and the conversation with the kids of each group as well as her active participation in these activities made the kids very happy, who expressed their wishes and requests of what do they need from the Municipality in order to keep the city clean, according to their wishes. The mayor led the Clean Up Action in the park in front of ACT, and together with the kids they collected the trash and threw them in the appropriate trash cans. The event was supported by Youth Association “AURORA” and NGO “Ne Jemi Ju”.


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