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Different #YouthStories

Growing up in a bully-friendly society has left a mark on my personality. Being different from the surrounding and behaving differently from what is expected, is something unusual and attracts judgements. These judgments cause aggression, especially between young people. Being a decent boy or a man, without showing your physical strength leads to separation from society and, in many cases, physical attacks with a support from the majority. Being the person to experience such a thing is highly risky, especially during puberty.

Luckily, I have found my support in my personal development outside of school, but most of the young people don’t. The education system doesn’t provide support to young people, despite the issue they are facing. My motivation to get involved in youth organisations is to reach out to young people and tell them that there is a safe space in which they can seek support.

I have always shared my personal story with youngsters to raise awareness about this issue. Young people should be aware of the consequences which bullying can cause in one young person’s development. If we achieve greater awareness, there will be much less violence and broken destinies. We have to learn to listen and understand; only then we will learn how to be happy.

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