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Is Community Service Good For Our Mental Health

Volunteering is much more than giving support to those in need of the community, asserting our empathetic side and unpaid work. 
Considerable research by multiple scholars shows the more beneficial advantage of volunteering. It demonstrates that volunteers are very likely to receive physical and mental health benefits from their volunteer ventures.

Sociologists a connection between social psychological factors, volunteering, and social networks, calling it “social integration theory” or “role theory”.
This means that an individual’s social connections (measured by the number of social roles that that individual holds) can provide meaning, sense of self-worth and trust to that particular’s life, while ensuring protection from isolation in difficult periods.

Moreover, volunteering reduces stress levels. It increases social interaction, and helps to build a support system based on common interests thus enhancing a person’s social network and reducing risk of disease and alleviating stress.
Time spent in service to others savors a sense of meaning and appreciation, sense of purpose, and life-satisfaction. All of this has colossal impact on a person’s mental health.

Nothing relives stress better that a meaningful connection with another person, right?
Volunteering can initiate new friendships, stronger sense of community and offer extensive learning of new skills.

Therefore, dedicating time as a volunteers establishes a greater social network while offering vital help to those in need and significantly aid worthwhile causes. And most importantly, it build and nurtures strong communities.

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