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Last stop of the trainings – Krushevo!

Krushevo was our last location of our series of trainings, and we wrapped up the cycle with it.  This beautiful city with lots of potential unraveled some of its worries through its most important inhabitants – the youth!

The 4 day intensive activities covered relevant unemployment issues and the participants learned how to enhance their capabilities when job searching, how to be more competitive by developing their communication skills and presentation skills, how to build a business plan and be innovative in this modern world, how to behave on an interview and so on.

At the end of the training we had a nice talk about Krushevo as a city, the position and the role of the youth in Krushevo, the conditions that the youth has for realization of their goals and career opportunities. We all agreed that the issue arises from both sides, the municipality, institutions and other venues, but also the passive and sleepy youngsters.

We hope that this training will initiate a positive change in the dormant youth community and definitely inspire the youth to be their own driving force for success!

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