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Mentorship Makes the Difference // Mini-Conference

Having a mentor to show you the way, especially when you are at the beginning of your career can be of crucial value for a successful career. A mentor is usually someone who has been in your shoes and has walked the road you are walking. A mentor has the information and knowledge you need to achieve your goals. It’s your job in life to find this people that can help you and change your life for the better.

With the Career Mentorship Program we decided to try to help 10 high school students find a mentor from the field of work they are aspiring for. A bit more than a month ago we connected the students with a young successful professional from their field. This event will serve as a closing event for this program, but also we are going a bit further with the conversation on this topic.

At this mini conference you will be able to hear more about what is the role of the mentor, why you should find a mentor, how to find a mentor and more. And you will hear this from:
-3 guest speakers
– the participants of our program
– 6 panelists at a panel discussion on β€œHow to help young people achieve their goals (here in Macedonia)”

Check out the Discussion section of this event to see the speakers as we announce them πŸ™‚

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