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Petar Zdravkovski Penko with Find the green!


The Find the Green initiative we launched in the beginning of April to challenge schools across Macedonia to help clean the environment has taken off with mass success.

A school in Skopje, Cair, Petar Zdravkovski-Penko, joined in the challenge. They were no strangers to cleaning up in April, they have an annual tradition of helping in some way for Earth Day every April. Be in through cleaning of the parks, school yard, public streets etc and so this year they decided to document their experiences in finding the green. A total of 60 pupils, 28 pupils of the II-4 and 32 pupils of the III-6 class, from the school lead by their teachers Selvete Osmani and Manushaqe Sejdiu cleaned the schoolyard of the cans, plastic and paper, and miscellaneous garbage. In the spirit of the changing of seasons to Spring and the excitement of doing good for their community, the pupils began to sing songs related to the season of Spring and enjoyed the activities of the day.

Initiatives taken by schools like Petar Zdravkovski Penko and others alike build a solid foundation of culture and habit within the youth that will perpetuate throughout the pupils formative years to a point where they needn’t be reminded of taking care of their surroundings and cleaning up. Prevention is always better than the cure, and the more students are exposed to the benefits and habits of a clean environment, the more they will be willing to keep it clean and the less polluting will be an acceptable habit.


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