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Research statistics about the youth in Macedonia

NGO Reaktor have made a research about the situation of the youth in Macedonia, more specifically – Youth and the labor market. This is a small part of the introduction:

“Macedonia is the European leader in youth unemployment, with the youth unemployment rate currently at  58%. Young people make up a significant portion of the overall unemployed population, which continues to be one of the greatest problems in the country. The issue of youth unemployment in Macedonia was also recognized by the European Union, and one of the key priorities defined in the Accession Partnership reads: “to eliminate barriers for creation of new jobs and to reduce unemployment, in particular by taking additional measures to address youth unemployment”. Characterized by youth unemployment rates of up to 80% in certain municipalities, youth are defined as one of the socially vulnerable groups. Their interests are either not represented or the solutions offered are inappropriate to ensure significant improvements to the overall status of youth in the labor market. The issue of youth unemployment has gained more attention in the last several decades, especially in developed countries. From the time of the sudden increase of unemployment in the 1970s and “youth’s disappearance from the labor market” during the 1980s in Britain, social sciences scholars and policy makers have attempted to research, explain and prevent youth unemployment. For this purpose and led by the need to advance youth’s status in the Republic of Macedonia, the understanding of the school-to-work transition by securing new data on important aspects of youth’s status in the labor market was imposed as priority.”

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