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Second cycle of the series of trainings – Debar!

In the city of Culture, Education and tradition

The second destination of “The hardest job is to find a job” was the beautiful city of Debar. Youth Council logistics team and trainers had the pleasure to be part of such a great working atmosphere and a warm welcome by the citizens of Debar in general and especially young people.

Participants of the training had a great opportunity during an intensive training of 4 days to learn more about: Job searching and career tools, leadership and motivation, soft skills and presentation, and entrepreneurship and innovation as well as getting to know more about Youth Council, its vision and mission.

The official opening of the training was attended by Mr. Albion Abdullai, Information Resource Center Director/Alumni Coordinator of U.S. Embassy Skopje and Mr. Zachary Ogle, Intern of U.S. Embassy Skopje. The two embassy representatives used their time to advise the participants to use these four days of training to get as much information as they can because it’s a really good opportunity that doesn’t come often and these skills they will need in their coming future when they will be searching for a job.

During the intensive training members of Youth Council of U.S. Embassy Skopje and the trainers were surprised by the outstanding youth from Debar who attended the training. Youth Council representatives used the chance to share their knowledge and experience with the participants, as well as used a part of workshops time to have a productive brainstorming about the difficulties that youth face in smaller cities, focused in Debar. The conclusion of this brainstorming was that youth in Debar are skipped from governmental and non-governmental organizations, because there are not activities and informal education trainings for youth often in Debar and also lack of support shown by the institutions for youth initiatives. Youth Council stated that will remain being a supporter, adviser and contributor according to the possibilities to the youth of Debar for further activities and youth initiatives.

Youth Council of U.S. Embassy of Macedonia wants to say thank you to House of Culture- Debar and its director, Mr. Artin Spahiu for giving their workshop hall in use of Youth Council of U.S. Embassy of Macedonia free of charge for the days of the training and also for their great support shown during all our time in Debar.

To the youth of Debar, all the best of success in their future and we hope that the knowledge you gained from workshops will be useful in your future professions. Youth Council will always be there to support you as much as we can to plan and implement the outstanding ideas about different projects that we heard from you during the workshops.


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