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Why I joined the U.S. Embassy’s Youth Council in Macedonia

As a person I strongly believe in the power of youth and youth activism. That’s why I have been actively involved in the Macedonian civic sector since I was fifteen. In the Youth Council I have been engaged in many different activities. I believe that with the help of the new technology we can easily touch the target audience, the other young people and we can communicate specific issues with them. That’s why I enjoyed conducting our 2014 Woman’s Day initiative. In this way we celebrated women around the world, equity, and free choice!  These principles together with respect for the basic human rights are ideals that we should all strive for. The youth in Macedonia can achieve this only if we work together, if we educate ourselves, and if we understand that we should respect each other all the time.

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At the same time, the Youth Council for me is a place where I can meet other creative and inspiring people with whom I can shape the future of this country and gain new experiences, skills, and knowledge. And yes the Youth Council is place where you can find new friendships and while having a lot of fun!

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