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Women’s Day Initiative 2014

This day of the year, we take the time to celebrate women all around the world, and women in our lives, for bringing joy and hiness, for being there for us, for being our caring mothers, sisters, friends, colleagues. We celebrate equality and the free choice of all women to become whatever they want and follow their dreams, to equally participate in all segments of society, to be great teachers, scientists, sportswomen, innovators, entrepreneurs and leaders.

At the same time, on this day, just like any other day, we must remember that there are many women around the world, who are still facing struggles of inequality and discrimination in different aspects of their life because of their gender, while seeking respect, access to education, dignity at their workplace, and love.

For these reasons, the Youth Council of the U.S. Embassy in the Republic of Macedonia, striving to empower young women in Macedonia to follow their dreams, proudly presents you the Women’s Day initiative, comprising of messages from more than 50 women from all walks of life, contributing to different aspects of our environment, successful businesswomen, teachers, professors, activists, journalists, designers, doctors, activists, entrepreneurs. We hope to inspire and motivate young women in Macedonia to pursue their visions, and become personalities that the next generations of young women will look up to.

On our great pleasure we have very high response and we will share messages in hourly basis for the whole weekend so each can get appropriate attention and appreciation. Please stay tuned!

Let’s celebrate Women’s Day not only today, but rather every single following day!

Happy Women’s Day!
Youth Council of the U.S. Embassy of the Republic of Macedonia


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