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Youth Educational Forum Mock Debate

On Wednesday (10/12/2016), representatives from the Youth Council of the US Embassy attended a mock debate organized by The Youth Educational Forum (YEF) at the US Embassy.

Participants from YEF represented the views of both major political parties in the United States, the Democratic and Republican parties. During the debate both sides talked about domestic issues such as the American economy, minimum wage, health care, human rights, and affordable tuition for students, American foreign policy in regards to the global fight against terrorism and international trade agreements.

During the debate members of the Youth Council had the chance to ask the two parties questions that they felt the Youth in Macedonia is most interested in. Ambassador Bailey join the debate and answered questions from both the audience and the participants. Ambassador Bailey talked briefly about the election process in the US and how it effects the work of the Embassy.

Stay tuned for more news from our council about the upcoming US Elections.

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