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Youth Fest

What matters to youth?

Our stories matter. Our solidarity matters. Words matter. Music matters. Diversity matters.
The air we breathe, our education, our leaders. Art and style matter. Free expression. Our ideas, our confidence, our crafts.

We may acknowledge that all of the above matters, but we also need to celebrate it. We need others to hear our stories, we need others to see us in order to go forward. To build confidence, to build bridges to have fun. To be young.

And that is exactly what we will be doing. Celebrating us. Celebrating you. Celebrating youth.

We will be acknowledging each other’s stories, endorsing each other’s wins over the struggles we face in this society and most importantly we will be having fun.

We invite you to have fun with us. Listen to music, enjoy some good food, bask in the sun while you browse a local bazaar that blasts with creativity, and most importantly appreciate the exhibition we have put together of the stories of prominent young people in this society.

This exhibition will not be your typical walk and stare one and these stories are not promotion for the ones featured but an encouragement for everyone to share theirs. This exhibition is starring you as well.
We want to know your stories while we enjoy the exhibition. We want to know what else matters to youth in order for us to strive for a society where youth is prominent in the sense of decision making, art, empowerment, leadership, equality and so on and so on.

So, come along on the 7th of April (Sunday) at 12:00 at MKC. It will be hard to miss, outside in the sun food, drinks and good bands, a bazaar welcoming you and inside an exhibition like no other you’ve been at before.

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