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Youth of Macedonia #1

“I’m an artist. I was growing up in my own world. A kid with bugs -people would say. Ever since I was a child, I was very stubborn about my convictions. Once, I was invited to a national TV to talk about my art. One of my illustrations featured the modern Skopje that no longer exists. The host was confused as to why the Skopje we now live in is not modern anymore. I replied bluntly that my city has been buried with the launch of ill-designed projects that do not fit any contemporary concept of art. The live streaming was immediately cut and I was politely walked out of the studio. I have always been honest, with myself, first and foremost. This was a couple of hours before my second independent exhibition. I wanted to give up on everything. I didn’t feel free. I wanted to flee. I still want to flee now.”

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