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Youth of Macedonia #7

“I love traveling and now is the perfect time to travel. If no one wants to join me, I would do it alone! I’ve done it and won the battle against my fears. Instead of admiring postcards and pictures online, I would visit that place. With a little research I always find cheap or even free accommodation.

Amsterdam was on top of my ‘To visit’ list. At first I was supposed to go with my roommates, but they changed their mind. That didn’t stop me for making my wish come true. I packed my suitcase and enjoyed my time alone from Frankfurt to Amsterdam. I stayed with a local whom I found via Couchsurfing and named my trip ‘The Ultimate Dutch experience’. I spent three days with strangers and had the time of my life. I’ve never felt freer and more independent.

If I had a power to change anything, I’d use it to convince young people in Macedonia to be more involved in life. Spend more time outdoors, in the sun, socializing. Earn some money, choose a destination, pack their bags and go!”- Hazel Kate

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