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Youth of Macedonia #8

“One cannot always create art for him/herself only. In fact, the majority of artworks do not thrive if they don’t visualize an issue relevant for most of the people. Trying to be an artist, you have to portray an eloquent concept or an idea and interlace it with a piece of you. This is where it gets tough.

“You can’t make a living as an artist; at least not in Macedonia!”- this is the advice I have been receiving from others ever since I can remember. But as someone passionate about art, I have refused to accept it. I have tried to do whatever it takes to alter this passion into a lifestyle. But it turns out I did not know myself and my ambitions good enough.

Today, I am approaching art from a different perspective. I study neuroscience and how the brain processes visual images. I hope this choice will result in a positive outcome, and of course, I will never quit creating art.”

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