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Youth of Macedonia #9

“To be happy, you must continuously create a better understanding of life” – said my father. This has helped me find my dream: discovering more effective and efficient medical device technologies, especially for underprivileged countries.

I study Biomedical Engineering in the U.S.A. and I am currently working in Philips Healthcare. Mainly, I get to poke CT scanners to gain a perspective of the evolution of healthcare in developed countries. Since I was born and raised in Macedonia, this also allows me to compare the two countries and gives me a better understanding of the gap between them.

I encourage you, the future of our nation, to understand how to invest in your future. Strive to understand the impact of your education, the weight of your words, the importance of your perspective, and the value of your existence. Through education and commitment to our areas of knowledge we can help fix the present and build a better future.”

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