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Youth Stories #ArtOfLiving

The opportunities and resources conditioning all artists, whether amateur or professional respectively, are scarce and inadequate. Hence, it is only natural that collaboration is limited and generally fruitless as it is determined by the commercial sphere of the art market and not on common interests within mutual artistic trends. However, this realistic rip is easily feasible, but difficult, in the short term since there is a deficiency of autonomous cultural centers that would allow artists that would naturally collaborate to do so with the presence of joint resources at these centers. It is unforeseeable that these weaknesses are to be brought to fruition since that must follow after a reform in the inadequate cultural policies we face.

It is important to realize that all young people within our society share the same struggle. This is inevitably illuminated if we perceive the real interconnectedness that all subcultures in our society contain as a result of the occurrence of a strong homogenous social atmosphere on the basis of recurrent shared problems. All established artists that hold up to the integrity of their self-conscious being must strive in becoming the avant-garde of their society in which they draw their autochthonous expression. Their art can only be justified if it does not deceive and skew the vision of societal reality.

The youth of our country altogether with the global youth, in every respect, must utilize all technological resources at contemporary disposal as the means in self-education and the improvement in the collective understanding. Moreover, the fight against clientelism, nepotism, and social indifference has to prevail amongst all young people. Perhaps greater than all challenges is the ecological threat we face on a regional, as well as on a global extent that is ever growing.

Every art is the reflection of oneself that is realized only in the art of living.

Doan Akiti

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