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Youth Stories #Bold

Courageous, confident, and fearless – the basic definition of a bold person. Be courageous in standing against the ones who are telling you that you cannot accomplish your dreams or that your dreams are unrealistic, too ambitious, and too big.

Be confident in protecting your dreams at all costs, because they are only yours and they are the ones making you stand out from the crowd.

Be fearless – the more you are motivated by love (in general and the love of what you do), the more fearless your actions will be. Don’t doubt yourself and don’t let the weight of other people’s opinions sink your ship. Be aware of your potential and find ways to express yourself. There will be hard times, but you have to stay strong and you have to believe. Believe in yourself, take the whole responsibility on your shoulders, and know that you are the creator of your destiny.

Remember, a bold attempt is half of success.

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