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Youth Stories #Brave

My biggest personal struggle is probably not being brave enough. In various areas of my life I have found myself being scared of taking risks and changing my status quo, or speaking up.

However, I am aware that change is the only constant and if I want to evolve as a person I must get rid of the fear and anxiety which are holding me back. I am proud to say that I’m working on this and striving to become a better person for myself, and those around me.I have often felt underestimated because of my age and overlooked because of my (in)experience. Moreover, I feel like there’s a collective apathy between young people lately in regards to social problems, which can be dangerous. But I am lucky to be surrounded with people who are aware and try to make a difference, and in turn inspire me to be better and do better.

The best thing the youth in our country can do for a better society is to speak up and take action in order to make a change. We’ve seen first-hand what the youth can accomplish when united and working towards a shared goal (The student protests of 2016). I think we, the youth, as a demographic are more powerful than we give ourselves credit and the key is to find the voice and shed the fear in order to fight for the change we wish to see in the world.


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