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Youth Stories #Expression

I struggle with expressing myself clearly; whether I’m writing lyrics to a song or having a casual conversation, there are so many thoughts flowing through my mind simultaneously. Sometimes,  I can’t seem to find the right words or enough time to free them. Life flows quickly, and so does time. You need to use the right moment, but more importantly, you need to use every moment.

At this particular moment, I’m a singer in a school band, and that is my role in society. I view myself as nothing more than, literally, a part of the youth. The only exception is- I believe that I can make some sort of a change and I attempt to do it every single day, but that is also a vast struggle that only a tiny group of young people have felt upon themselves. There is nothing better than knowing you are not alone, but I feel like the benefit of that knowledge is taken away from us because we are alone in our battle. The one thing I really want is to be understood by my peers. They just need to listen to everything they have claimed as meaningless. Don’t struggle with words, judgments and everything that is holding you back. You have something to say, that is a fact and nothing can stop you.

Free expression of young people is the future of everything. And I believe that each and every one of us can contribute to a better society.

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