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Youth Stories #Forward

I had two choices: to step forward into unknown or back into safety. I challenged my insecurities, moved past them, and decided to forfeit time I could spend with my family and instead pursue my academic interests.

I didn’t listen to my critics and started an independent life of learning earlier than I otherwise would.To begin with it was difficult but it was something I felt I had to do.

Being away from my family and leaving them alone, I learned always to believe in me and my journey and to grow from my pain.

I started swimming and got involved in competitions, projects and activities which enriched my path, resulting in a success which took me to explore interesting places such as Kenya in Africa. Determined to keep on with my plans, I worked hard to realise my dreams. Sometimes things were scary, but that convinced me that they were big enough challenges.

I understood that great achievements are usually born of sacrifice and never the result of selfishness.


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