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Youth Stories #Impact

“You are an idiot for staying in this god-forsaken country”, a constant comment lashed out as soon as I speak up on the idea of staying and making an impact. A society which believes that its challenges are far greater than its capacities. One in which it’s almost sought after if not cool to satisfy with little to nothing, to have mundane tasks and no big idea, no big dreams or visions. To not bother with politics, knowledge, research or even common facts and arguments because it’s too much of an effort… 

A general apathy and accepted mentality of “I better quit even before I start”.

But, in all of this I try to find reasons in nudging people, in changing habits, creating opportunities and striving for a bit more. I try to humble about what I do; it’s not like I`m changing an entire nation but more of creating a tiny crack in the wall here and there. A crack that just might spark a new idea somewhere, produce a smile from a grin, increase faith in the public services you get, provide better living conditions for someone, make you learn something new… 

My father was ill and in a wheelchair throughout most of my life. I remember being constantly exposed to giving up, to hospitals and tears… But as he never gave up and lost hope, constantly searching and enjoying even the simplest pleasures in life as reading a newspaper, in his legacy neither will I. 

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