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Youth Stories #Self-Discipline

We lack self-honesty and strong values. That’s why we are so easily manipulated and that is why we can’t have the nice things we want in our society. We should focus on filling this void, not in others, not in society but in ourselves individually.

I start by building one habit for the month and by the end of it I find myself having taken 10 more. The initial excitement goes away, the habits become too overwhelming, I get burnt-out and I go on a “3 month gaming-I-don’t-want-to-see-people break”. After my “retreat”, I come back in the world only to do the same thing again thinking that this time I will be stronger and I will push through. But of course… I fail again. Every time I fail, I try to learn a new lesson but it is excruciatingly slow, frustrating and in my low moments I even start thinking if it is worth trying to push against my comfort zone. 

I’ve been in hard times, and managed to put them behind me one way or the other but this is the only thing I consider a real struggle in my life. So, I try to build positive habits consistently and self-discipline while staying aware of my tendency to bite more than I can chew. To take as much responsibility as I can carry, use it to build strength of character and become somebody others can respect and even rely on.

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