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Youth Stories #Wake Up

A little girl with great dreams – this is how I’d describe myself firstly. 

My daily routine is really simple; the most important thing now for me is going to school, getting back home, reading, and sometimes going out. But I want my life and my daily routine to change in the future. I mean, I want to have the kind of a doctor life, because even now while I’m studying medicine in high school, my biggest dream is to be called by that ‘Dr.’ name.

I’ve had this dream since I was little, but last year, in 2015, the person that I loved the most, my dad, who supported my dream the most, passed away. Since then, I decided to have this, as my future plan. Even though in probably 15 years I see myself as a successful doctor, for now there are people who think that this is hard (or even impossible) for a woman. 

They have to wake up! We’re in the 21st century. Women can work whatever they want to and be equal (or even much better) than men. I hope that everyone, and especially girls, will get what they want in this world; we just have to work really hard and never give up!

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