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Mental Health

Youth Stories #Microaggressions

In the period before enrolling into university, i was experiencing microaggressions from my social surrounding. I was constantly asked which field of studying i am going to choose. The answer was: “I am enrolling into electrical engineering”. So, as usual for our nation, people did not hesitate to share their …

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Taking a walk in the hall of Shame

“Something is wrong with me.”  Is engraved at the entrance of this hall. Feeling inadequacy to meet our own ideals and standards is something we have inevitably felt at some point in our lives. Self-consciousness is floating the whole hall ready to steal moments of our lives and leave as …

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Grow the mo’

During the month of November 2018, Youth Council of U.S. Embassy North Macedonia launched a powerful Movember campaign on social media. The campaign in the true Movember spirit educated men in physical and mental health issues. The campaign was joined by influencers Visar Vishka and Irina Tosheva and on November …

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