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Youth Council of the U.S Embassy in North Macedonia

The Youth Council brings together youth from different disciplines, interests, ethnicities and religious backgrounds. Established by the U.S. Embassy in Skopje, it seeks to generate creative ideas and projects to empower the youth of Macedonia, and to strengthen the voice of youth by advising the Embassy on important youth issues.

Call for Applications for New Members 2023

The Youth Council of the U.S. Embassy in the Republic of North Macedonia is seeking new members. This unique opportunity is open to all qualified youth living in North Macedonia.  Together, we can make a difference!  Why should you join our team?  Develop skills to become a stronger young leader.  Contribute towards empowering the youth of North Macedonia.  Get to …

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Research publication “Cyber Bullying Among Youth and Its Connection to Their Mental Health and Quality of Life” was developed and published

After numerous activities that we have organized in the past for raising awareness about the importance of youth’s mental health, especially in the pandemic times, we decided to work on the topic of cyber bullying. Following the experience and insights from the young participants in our activities, we identified it as a serious issue they face, and still, it’s not …

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Youth Stories #Determined

I live in a society where it’s expected of children to follow in the footsteps of their parents and continue the family tradition of a particular profession. This practice directly affected me about 6 years ago when I was fresh out of high school with the decision to continue my studies in the electrical engineering field. People in my community …

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Youth Stories #Caring

I feel honored to have the possibility of contributing to the fight against COVID-19 as an assistant doctor in my country. Being a part of the medical staff during the pandemic battle has been an intense experience that comprises a unique set of learnings and challenges. As a new doctor, it’s devastating to witness how our patients are suffering from …

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Youth Stories #Bold

Courageous, confident, and fearless – the basic definition of a bold person. Be courageous in standing against the ones who are telling you that you cannot accomplish your dreams or that your dreams are unrealistic, too ambitious, and too big. Be confident in protecting your dreams at all costs, because they are only yours and they are the ones making …

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Youth Stories #Artistic

I was thinking about how my hometown has a multicultural background and considering its musical history, the people who live here, and their tastes, it is difficult to create something that’s not necessarily for the masses. Art is not valued very highly in my hometown. Most people do not understand what you do as an artist and there are no …

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Youth Fest

Let’s celebrate YOUth together! Celebrate us, our stories, our struggles and wins, no matter how small or big they may be, our solidarity, our togetherness, our uniqueness. Celebrate being young. Let’s raise our voices and tell everyone that we are here. This is exactly what we are inviting you to do on the upcoming Youth Fest. We invite you to …

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We talk to Simona Josifovska about cyber bullying: How to stay safe online

Sharing is not always caring. At least not on social media! Youngsters are more prone to share their personal life on social media, so to prevent cyber bullying they have to get familiar with the safety features and policies of the social platforms that they are using. So, to protect from a bully, it’s important to click that security button, …

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We talk to Vedije Ratkoceri about cyber bullying: What is the legal aspect of it

The development of technology, internet, social networks have undoubtedly changed our lives, facilitating it with an easier and faster access to information. Technology and internet access helped us the most in the development of learning activities, work and other contacts especially during the emergency situation and quarantine due to COVID-19. However, it was soon seen that the development of technology …

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